Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install the fire extinguisher for me?

Yes of course we can! We encourage you to use us! It will cost you $50 + GST but this includes the item delivered, tagged in the correct date, bracket, signs x 2, tags and seals + piece of mind that it is installed to the Australian Standards AS2444.



What is the right type of portable fire extinguisher?

Please refer to our blog “Selecting the right fire extinguisher” or give us a call today on 0402 560 232. We can talk you through what is required. Pretty simple rule though! Powder extinguishers cover 90% of fires! If you have oil deep fryers in a kitchen area you require a wet chemical extinguisher and if you don’t want to make a mess and ruin your electrical equipment and have a few extra bucks to throw around then use a Co2 portable fire extinguisher!



Do you cover other areas other than Sydney?

No unfortunately we do not. There is only 3 of us and we want to ensure that we give Sydney the right amount of attention it deserves. Some online fire extinguisher sale companies may try and cover all areas but we are the only local one that can come to you personally! If needed I can recommend a couple of good blokes up and down coast!



What products do you use?

Sydney Extinguishers is happy to use all FIREBOX fire extinguishers. The come assembled, last the longest and meet all Australian Standards! Don’t be fooled by other companies picturing great products but when they arrive you will need to put together and might not meet compliance.



How long does delivery take?

Once your order has been approved, products will be shipped that afternoon. As we only deliver to the greater Sydney Region – you will have them tagged and ready to go within 3 working days!



Can I return the items if I am not happy?

Yes, of course. As long as you follow our returns policy found in the quick links section of our website (bottom right). We pride ourselves that we NOT had one (1) return yet after 10 years in business! You wont be disappointed!


How often do extinguishers last?

Every 6 months extinguishers need to be checked, tagged and tested. Every 5 years regardless of type and size they need to be refilled and pressure tested or replaced with NEW fire extinguishers ( what ever is cheapest). We find that we replace powder extinguishers with NEW due to the price and co2 extinguishers get swapped like you LPG bottles for you BBQ at the local servo – we call it swap and go just like them! Anything under 4.5kg we don’t bother as labor in Sydney is more than the price of importing a product from China….. go figure! I can bring an extinguisher in from 9,000kms away for the price of driving on our toll roads across the city! Jokes!!!