So you are thinking of becoming a fire technician? Ok here goes!

5:30am – Wake up and have breakfast on the way out the door to sit in peak hour traffic for what seems to be 90 minutes these days. Arrive on site at 7:00am to start door bookings and the testing of smoke alarms and fire doors. This requires the testing and changing of 9v batteries to ensure the smoke alarms will work if there is a black out or power failure. Doors, closer’s, gaps, deadlocks and FRL tags are checked. Test approx. 20-30 units in a 3 hour space, sometimes more….

10:00am move onto the next job with a quick coffee on the way. This job is usually scheduled somewhere nearby in the area so we don’t have to drive to far. This job is a small office so we install a new 4.5kg ABE powder extinguisher install along with a new 1.2mx1.8m fire blanket install in the kitchen area. Ok time for some lunch. You can either take your own packed lunch or you usually have a variety of cafés & restaurants to choose from. Sydney really is great for food! OK enough about food and back to testing fire equipment in Sydney.

12:00pm time to start the emergency & exit light test in a factory out west while we test the extinguishers, fire hose reels, hydrants, sprinklers and fire indicator panel. The circuit breaker is tripped for the lights and they remain in test mode for 90 minutes. We clean the diffuser (cover), change tubes and confirm they are working correctly. If they are ever needed the emergency & exit lights can illuminate the path of egress to the nearest exits. While testing the extinguishers we notice that one of the Co2 extinguishers is due for 5 yearly refill & pressure test so we swap that over with a recently refilled extinguisher. Ok site complies.

3:00pm Add the days notes into our system and let it sync while we drive home to see if we can squeeze a quick surf before dark and we have to do it all again tomorrow.

6:00pm I have been home for an hour and had a surf + made some money for the day. Life’s pretty great as a fire technician in Sydney! As a fire technician we get enjoyment out of ensuring that buildings fire safety certification is up to speed and compliant. Fire safety in Sydney is important so lets all do our bit to ensure we comply!

If this sounds like a job for then get in touch with your local fire company and apply today.