Sydney Extinguishers get asked the age old question everyday, should I repair it OR shall I throw it away and buy another?


We all know that products come from China and they are cheap! The labour that goes into picking up an extinguisher from site, leaving a loaner in its place in case something happens while it is away, taking the old fire extinguisher away to the factory to have it refilled & pressure tested and then later returned to site in 2 weeks can ADD up. As the cost of labour in this beautiful city of ours we call home Sydney is in the top 5 most expensive in the world  I believe that having old extinguishers recycled and replaced every 5 years with new is the way to go for both the client and Sydney Extinguishers as a business in general.

Reasons not to refill & pressure test Powder extinguishers

  • Cost of labour in Sydney is expensive
  • Tolls roads for travel are expensive
  • A Loan fire extinguisher is required
  • 2 week turnaround
  • Cost of NEW fire extinguishers is very close to price of having them refilled and pressure tested

We find that on a general rule we replace all powder extinguishers onsite with NEW fire extinguishers every 5 years and Co2 extinguishers removed from site for 5 yearly testing. Anything above a 2kg Co2 extinguisher is worth going through the motions of having them refill & pressure tested.


Reasons to have Co2 extinguishers refilled & pressure tested

  • Cost of new co2 extinguishers is expensive
  • Swap & go Fire Extinguishers is fast!
  • Good for the environment
  • Loan extinguishers not needed


We have a SWAP & GO system in place with our Co2 Fire Extinguishers. Its simple and its fast! Same day turn around! We have approx 5 that we carry on us which have been refill & pressure tested in the last month which we swap over and remove the old ones for testing – similar to your LPG bottles at the service station.


The process is simple. We replace old powder fire extinguishers with NEW fire extinguishers that we carry in our trucks. We remove the old fire extinguishers to be dismantled at the factory for recycling later that day.


Once the Co2 extinguishers are removed to the factory they are emptied, placed in water and a hydrostatic pressure test is conducted. After the extinguisher passes the 5 yearly pressure test the seals and rubbers are checked or replaced to ensure a tight fit. Once it is 100% it is then later refilled with new Co2 GAS and returned to another site – all part of our Swap & Go fire extinguisher exchange.


If this sounds like something you could use then call Sydney Extinguishers today for a FREE quote!