Below is a shortened preview of the Australian Standards which refers to the essential fire safety fire fighting equipment you may have in your building in Sydney.

Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets AS2444

AS1851-2012 requires that Extinguishers & Fire blankets be tagged & tested every six (6) months. Water/Foam Extinguishers need to be refilled every twelve (12) months. All other Extinguishers need to be refilled and pressure tested every five (5) years. AS2444 requires Extinguishers to be located approximately every 20m in your premises with appropriate signage.

Fire Hose Reels AS2441

AS1851-2012 requires that Fire Hose Reels are to be tested every six (6) months, usually carried out with your Extinguishers. Fire Hose Reels are 36m in length and can cover a diameter of approximately 40m from the point of installment. In an emergency situation they are used by both the tenant and the NSWFB. They should spin freely, not leak and most definitely NOT have items stored in front of them.

Emergency and Exit Lighting AS2293

AS1851-2012 requires that Emergency and Exit lighting be tested every six (6) months. Emergency and Exit lights illuminates the path of egress outlining the exit doors and designated travel ways to get you out of the building safely. They are located above doors and in warehouses, or corridors to light them up. They are tested for 90 minutes. If lights do NOT pass the 90 minute test then they have to be replaced. We clean and replace tubes if needed before the tests are conducted to give them the best chance of passing.

Hydrants AS2419

AS1851-2012 requires that Fire Hydrants be tested every six (6) months. Hydrants are to be used by the NSWFB for their hoses and trucks if ever needed in an emergency situation. On the test the hydrant is fitted with a pressure gauge to ensure their is presence of water and that the pressure is correct with towns mains for the NSWFB. They play an important part in the buildings fire safety.

Fire Doors AS1905

AS1851-2012 requires fire doors to be tested annually. AS1905.1 requires doors are to close automatically, have a Fire Resistant Level (FRL) tag, NO deadbolts installed or fitted and that all gaps around the top, side and bottom comply with the make of door.

Smoke Alarms AS3786

AS1851-2012 requires that smoke alarms be tested yearly, usually when the fire doors are being tested to minimise disruption to the tenant/owner. Every house, home, unit is required to have a suitable number of smoke alarms installed from 1 May, 2006. Smoke alarms should be located on every level of your home. You should replace the battery in each smoke alarm at least once a year. Tenants are usually given at least 7 days notice before the tests by their strata manager.

Hope this very brief overview of the Australian Standards has helped you out. For any more information regarding your Australian Standards please call Sydney Extinguishers on 0402 560 232.