Sydney Extinguishers knows that a fire on board any vessel has the potential to be very dangerous due to the isolation from land and the volatility of on board fuels, ie: petrol, gas etc. Operators of all boats should have the necessary safety equipment installed and know how to use it in an emergency. Sydney Extinguishers looks after many fire extinguishers located on water taxis, private yacht ‘s & ships.

Sydney Extinguishers recommends these simple precautions that can help prevent a fire and make your boating experience safer.

Tips for safe boating

Sydney Extinguishers recommends this simple safety checklist to assist in keeping your boating safe

  • Make sure you know and understand your boat and its capabilities
  • Install a smoke alarm close to the sleeping area and away from fumes, as well as having a fire extinguisher near an exit or near the controls and a fire blanket close to galley areas
  • Develop a fire escape plan that considers all occupants on board whether at sea or moored
  • Ensure adequate ventilation of all areas particularly when the motor is running. Isolate all ignition sources whilst re-fuelling including allowing motors to cool down
  • Regularly inspect all fuel lines and the exhaust system for leakages
  • Store LPG cylinders in well ventilated areas and turn them off at the cylinder when appliances are not in use. Ensure that the cylinder is “in test” and maintain hoses and fittings against salt corrosion. Remember that LPG flows like water and may gather in the bilge.
  • Maintain electrical equipment (a significant cause of fires on vessels) and do not operate any electrical switches or equipment if flammable vapours are present.
  • Install ABE Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers as these are the cheapest and cover the most types of fires which you may incur on board you Sydney boat.
  • Install a small 1.2 x 1.8m fire blanket as these will cover your kitchen pot fires which you may incur on board you Sydney boat.

If you have a question on boating in Sydney please feel free to call us for a FREE consultation today. Sydney Extinguishers loves boating safety in Sydney!