Fire Extinguishers Come in all different types & sizes. Here, Sydney Extinguishers will go over the three (3) main types we are constantly installing in and around Sydney.

  • ABE Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers are without a doubt the most common! The 4.5kg DCP extinguisher is $60 of our business. Reason being it is cheap and it covers most types of fires found in Sydney. It covers Class A, B & E type fires. Down side they do make a mess and can set of Asthma in some cases. We do not sign off on anything less than a 4.5kg ABE powder extinguisher as every below this (1kg, 2kg & 2.5kg) are designed for cars, trucks, buses, caravans & boats. They also come in a 9.0kg size which is mainly for car parks and factories. common areas
  • Carbon Dioxide (Co2) fire extinguishers are what we install for main switch boards, server rooms and expensive electrical equipment. They are great as they don’t leave a mess but are limited to what types of fires they can control safely. Recommended for Class (E) electrical type fire only. They come in a variety of sizes but we mainly install the 5kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher.
  • Wet Chemical extinguishers. The hidden extinguisher that know one thinks about or remembers to install when fitting out a new kitchen in Sydney. The wet chemical extinguisher is just for Class (F) fires which are cooking oils, fats and deep fryers. We haveĀ  rule that if it is under 2oLtrs of cooking oils then you can get away with a 2ltr wet chemical extinguisher. If it is over 20ltrs then a 7.0ltr wet chemical extinguisher is required. It creates a layer of chemical that sits on top of the cooking oil and cuts off the oxygen to the fire making it go out!

If you are unsure what type of fire extinguisher you will need for your workplace give Sydney Extinguishers a call today on 0402 560 232. Sydney Extinguishers loves fire extinguishers!

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