What is Fire Servicing?

Just like your car needs servicing by a mechanic so does your buildings essential fire safety equipment to ensure that they are installed correctly and will work when you need them. This is usually carried out a by a Sydney Fire Technician. Whether it be your Lifts, escalators, Air Conditioning, Electrical OR your Fire services there is a Sydney technician that knows what to do!

What are your Sydney Building’s Essential Fire Services?

Fire Services can be any off the following;

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers (6m)
  • Fire Hose Reels (6m)
  • Fire Blankets (6m)
  • Sprinkler Systems (m)
  • Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (M)
  • Fire Doors (A)
  • Smoke Alarms (A)
  • Fire Hydrants (6m)
  • Fire Electric & Diesel Pumpsets (M)
  • Emergency Lighting (6m)
  • Exit Signs (6m)
  • Fire Windows (A)
  • Fire Seals (A)
  • Fire Dampers (A)
  • Fire Collars (A)
  • Mechanical Air Handling (A)
  • Gaseous Suppression Systems (M)
  • Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) (A)

How Often should all of your Fire Services Be maintained, tested & Certified?

Australian Standard AS1851-2012 is the latest version of maintenance standards for your installed fire safety measures. All items vary in time of testing but they are either monthly (M), six (6) monthly (6m) or annually (A) tested and annually certified.

Why do we need Fire Services?

Fire Services are installed in your Sydney Building for our own safety and to minimise costs of damage when something does goes wrong! The main reason to keep it running safely & make sure no one dies or gets hurt where it can be avoided!

Who Enforces The Testing of Fire Services?

There are three (3) main organisations that enforce fire services on Sydney Buildings

  • Council
  • Insurances Companies
  • NSWFB (New South Wales Fire Brigade)

For more information on your Sydney Buildings Fire Servicing please call, email OR message Sydney Extinguishers today! Sydney Extinguishers Loves Fire Servicing in Sydney!