So your thinking of holding an event or need some fire extinguishers for special effects on a Set in Sydney? Sydney Extinguishers knows that you might not want to buy fire extinguishers as they cost lots and take up storage space once you are finished with them sitting around. Hiring Fire Extinguishers is the easy way to solve all your problems and ensure your event or set complies with the Australian Standards.

Sydney Extinguishers was one of the first companies in Sydney to start hiring Fire Extinguishers in Sydney.

HIRE FIRE We call it!

Its simple and its fast! We hire 2 main types of fire extinguishers (Powder and Co2) in Sydney.

  • Delivery of fire extinguishers @ a flat rate $20 + GST
  • 4.5kg DCP Powder extinguishers (ALL ROUND) @ 70 + GST each
  • 9.0kg DCP Powder extinguishers (ALL ROUND) @ 80 + GST each
  • 3.5kg Co2 Extinguishers (ELECTRICAL) @ $70 + GST each
  • 5.0kg Co2 Extinguishers (ELECTRICAL) @ $80 + GST each
  • Pick up of fire extinguishers @ a flat rate $20 + GST
(Prices are for a 1 month hiring fee time)
Things to remember when hiring fire extinguishers in Sydney.
  • Better to go bigger just in case you need it
  • Make sure they are tagged and in date
  • Check that further charges do not apply if they are used (as some companies will charge you more)
  • Ensure you tell them what they are to or might be used for (type of gig)
Call Sydney Extinguishers today if you are thinking of hiring fire extinguishers in Sydney today!