What to buy & who to buy it from? These are all questions you have when shopping online for fire extinguishers. As for buying fire safety products online unless you are 100% certain what you are buying will comply with your needs then you should seek professional advice before you hit the check out. Fire safety is important to us so let us look after your home or workplace!

Should you be qualified to sell fire safety products online? Yes I think 100% you should be! Why not, QLD and VICTORIA seem to have the rule in place that if you are to work in the fire industry then you need to have at least a Cert II in fire technology to sell equipment & a Cert IV for signing any Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) OR Final Fire Safety Certificates (FFSC). So why not NSW? Sydney Extinguishers currently has a Cert IV in Fire technology under its belt and has for over 10 years.

There are so many unqualified overnight fire companies out there that will sell you anything for a quick buck! We are forever seeing when we turn up to a new site’s that businesses have brought an undersized or incorrect type of fire extinguishers for the office or warehouse. E.g. A water extinguisher located next to a main switch board. Makes sense to buy a water extinguisher as you think that is best for fire? Water? Right? Incorrect. When water hits electricity we all know what happens. You die or get badly hurt….

There are so many types of fires you need to purchase the right fire extinguisher so it is nearby at all times.

The thing that hurts me the most about this industry is everyone that purchases fire extinguishers online thinks a little 1kg fire extinguishes will do the job. The minimum we sell online is the 4.5kg ABE powder extinguisher as we are not happy signing off on anything less in the workplace. On a general rule 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg & 2.5kg extinguishers are designed cars, trucks, buses, caravans & boats NOT your industrial factory or office. Reason being they just don’t give you the “use” time that you need to put out a fire. Fires grow fast and you want to have the right extinguisher type and size on hand when they do.

Extinguishers need to be tagged once installed & delivered.

It has taken me years to upload a shopping cart to my webpage but due to the competition surrounding me I will be left in the dust if we do not do something.

All online orders from Sydney Extinguishers over $300 include FREE delivery. All orders incur a flat rate $20 + GST delviery fee to anywhere located in Sydney.

All fire extinguishers come tagged with a hole punch in the correct month & year. Together we can ensure your home or workplace is fire safe!

Please call me on 0402 560 232 for any advice on buying fire safety products online. We have 3 technicians in Sydney and can be to you within 24hrs.