What is the right extinguisher for you and your work place to be fire safe? Ok so you see all these different colours and types of extinguishers around the place but what fire extinguisher is right for you? White, black, blue, red, orange, co2, ABE powder, water, wet chemical?


Ok lets break it down. 90% of what we sell and install is mainly the ABE powder extinguishers as they are the cheapest and cover the most types of fires (AB & E class fires). If you have a deep fryer or cooking oils in your kitchen area then you need to install a wet chemical extinguisher. Co2 extinguishers are used on servers, main switch board’s (MSB) and expensive electrical equipment. As dumb as it sounds we rarely (1%) install water extinguisher’s as they can be dangerous if used on electrical, gaseous and oil fires. Powder is by far the safest option when selecting an extinguisher and you are unsure of what it might be used on.


Did you know? Portable Fire Extinguishers are designed for first attack fire fighting (Small fires). Always have an escape plan ready to go, don’t try to be a hero. If you see someone using an extinguisher have someone call “000” for the NSWFB – if possible locate and prepare the second extinguisher for use. Once extinguishers have been used please call us and we can have them replaced OR refilled.


Fire safety is important so lets all do our bit to ensure we comply!  For some more advice please call us today on 0402 560 232.

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