What are fire blankets?

A fire blanket is a fire-resistant sheet that is normally made from a woven glass fibre. They come in various sizes although a 1m x 1m fire blanket or bigger is normally suitable for use in the home.  Buy fire blankets from Sydney Extinguishers – Just visit our products page or give us a call today. Fire safety in your work place is important!

How do fire blankets work?

Fire blanket are mainly used to smother a fire by cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire. A fire blanket is very quick and effective at cutting the oxygen off from the fire making it starve.  It does require the user to get close to the fire and if it’s unsuccessful on the first attempt it usually can not be used again as it can be dangerous for the user to retrieve it.

What fires can the fire blanket extinguish?

A fire blanket can be used to extinguish most small contained fires in the home like a fire in a small bin or in a cooking pan. It can also be used to wrap around a person if their clothes catch on fire.

Where should a fire blanket be stored?

Fire blankets are best kept in the kitchen or near the microwave.  They are best mounted on the wall where they are easily accessible. They should never be stored in the cupboard too close to any cooking elements.

Please note: Surfaces can remain very hot after being extinguished with a fire blanket and need time to cool before being touched. Be sure to wrap fire blanket around your hands when placing over an item.

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